Ethics…And Cooking?

Startup Stock PhotosThis is a different blog post this week, but after reading about this on various food blogs I follow, I felt it was necessary to write about it. When it comes to blogging, food blogs, in particular, it can be very easy for someone to steal another person’s content. As I was reading one of the blogs I follow, the blogger shared that one of her recipes was stolen from her site and published in a cookbook without credit or her permission.

I understand that often times recipes can be very similar, sometimes even almost identical, but to outright steal and publish something someone else wrote word for word is beyond unethical. Our blogs are spaces where we share what we love with others and for that to be taken advantage of is so very wrong. I’m not naive. I understand it will still happen and it probably will never stop. One can hope, though, right?

A blog I recently came across is called Food Ethics and they actually have a whole post dedicated to a code of ethics for food bloggers, you can find it here. It’s helpful to be reminded that we’re all sharing this space and there are certain rules we all should follow. Give it a read and let me know what you think about this topic.

P.S. Stay tuned for some of my favorite Christmas recipes!


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